I’m gonna try something different…VIDEO!

For those who have been following me, or read some of my blogs, I hope that I have given you some value in transferring life, business, and leadership learnings that I’ve collected over the past 22 years in the corporate world. And I’ll continue to do this especially now having become an entrepreneur, particularly on crafting your mindset in living big– but I’m gonna experiment in an easier to consume format via video

Taught a few learnings in video form recently to test and got great feedback from my private Facebook group—I guess my early experimentation was ‘bearable’ and watchable– LOL!!. In today’s hectic world and ADD/ADHD society, we live in a byte-size information and multi-screen culture; audio-visual is the most popular info consumption medium. So I’m gonna go with video for a while and see what happens…besides, it’s also a lot more fun doing it.

I wrote a blog recently about Life Leadership Principle #4: Invest in Yourself. So, ‘walking the talk’, I invested into my personal development and flew to Vienna, Austria for a 3-day intense course on entrepreneurship and leadership. I also wanted to see and meet my mentor for the past 8 months, Eric Worre who’s a legend and educator in entrepreneurship and the home-business profession, and who in fact, produced and starred in the business documentary video I’ll be making available to you at the bottom of the page. Eric did say to all of us at the start of the course ‘You can credit me once, but you own it from then on…so go teach it’—AWESOME!

So I’m now passing my investment to you…FOR FREE. In a 3-part video blog series, I took the most profound 3 key learnings I got from each day and cut a short video for you. Byte-size tips for the entrepreneur…on the go!

Skills alone will not lead you to success, not in corporate, nor in business ownership or entrepreneurship.  Mindset is the other vital companion, and I’ll explain how to create a winning one.  You’ve got to nurture this by adopting only 1 of 3 types of mindset, and have a growth mindset learning discipline to accelerate into your greatness.

Here’s Day One’s ‘Million-Dollar Mindset’ key 3 takeaways from Vienna:

1.  The Champion Mindset

2.  Confidence silences F.E.A.R.

3.  0.3% learning a day compounds personal growth

Million-Dollar Mindset (Part 1/3) Day One 3 Key Points from Ian Billingham on Vimeo.

What character type are you and what do you need to become—a P, R, or V? What’s stopping you from where you want to get to in the future? Are you investing in your daily learning?

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Hope you found value in my new video blog format. Feel free to drop me a comment below to say what you liked best, or what you’d like to see in the future?

Part 2/Day 2 coming up…..

‘Climb your mountain…see what’s on the other side’

Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur