The BIG SHIFT Educator

Are You ready for the BIG shift?

The currency of your value has massively shifted.  That currency is TIME.  Your true worth is no longer found trading your time…but in how you leverage what’s already inside you. 

Entrepreneur Investor

2-decade corporte experience turned entrepreneur with start-up and large organisation big business success


Award Winning Author

Award-winning author of The Big Shift teaching you how to build an independent passion business

International Speaker

Accomplished international speaker and created the BrandQ™ system for professional speakers


‘Blue-chip’ brand marketer, and developed the BrandQ™ system for small and medium-sized businesses


Experienced in building online e-commerce and Amazon-selling businesses in Europe/USA

Coaching & Training

International trainer/speaker teaching start-ups/SMEs how to take traditional businesses online

3 core elements to ensure your successful

knowledge blueprint business

…developed through 3 simple, practical, and future-proof PILLAR SYSTEMS specially designed for any small- and medium-sized business

The BrandQ Methodology™

“You, Inc.”: Your Biggest Asset

Your brand is your biggest asset.  The BrandQ Methodology™ brings the secrets and sophistication behind some of the biggest brands in the world, simplified for you and your business.

The BrandQ Methodology™ breaks down into 4 fundamental building blocks to the modern, digital-age brand:

Your Fan

Your 4 Archetype Values

The ‘Common Enemy’

Your Beacon

The BrandQ Value Ladder Blueprint™

Sell More…At Higher Prices

Growth = Repeat + New Customers + Choice + Pricing

You will ALWAYS lose money on your front end after cost of acquisiton and you’ll always need your ‘Gold Product’ to qualify a true client for life.

The BrandQ Value Ladder Blueprint™ takes what you already know, and creates an expansive portfolio of products that expands your knowledge business blueprint revenue power.

You’ll always need these 4 strategic offer components for a long-term strong portfolio foundation:

The Hors D’Ouvre

The Gold Product



The BrandQ Professional Speaker™

Speak To $Millions of Your Expertise

Speaking-to-sell is the highest leveraged skillset…PERIOD.  There is both a scientific methodology and an art form behind effortlessly and naturally, helping your audience part with their money…and putting it into your hands!

The BrandQ Professional Speaker™ system teaches you an internationally successful and duplicable formula to command, engage, win and sell any product over and over again without any devious tactics or sales trickery that will have your clients gladly buy whatever you’re pitching…on stage at your live event, over a webinar…or in person.

…as long as you follow the 4 fundamental F.I.E.I. principles :





Speaking-to-sell is the highest, most leveraged skill set.

Shifting the approach to performance and well-being with next-generation Electrons Plus™ Guided-PEMF therapy

Need to Learn How to Sell From the Stage or Webinar?

Need Help Branding a Business?

Struggling With Your Product Offering?

What are your key skill areas you are struggling with or looking to next-level?

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