The practice of Hijama dates back thousands of years and is evidenced in ancient Egyptian times for pain releif and health therapy.  Today, it is rapidly being adopted by world-class athletes, and anyone looking for a body detox well-being therapy, or to address specific ailments.

Effective For:

What is Hijama

Traced back to ancient Egyptian times,  Hijama is a health practice which draws toxins and stagnant blood which are often trapped throughout our body awaiting for our circulatory system to filter out impurities and replenish new blood.  Age, illness and injury can hamper our entire healing process and slow down our body’s ability to filter out toxins.  Trapped in specific areas, this toxic blood can impact normal healthy functioning of our vital organs including impacting our nervous system often  associated with stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, prolonged musculo-skeletal and neuro-musculo movement.

Our body is constantly creating  waste from the bio-chemical reactions in the body, dead cells are  filtered away  and bio waste is the result of muscle movement.  Blood and lymph remove this waste back into the circulaatory system before being cleansed in the kidneys and liver.  However, age, illness and injury can affect our nervous system and negatively impact how our circulatory system works.  So often,  toxins and stagnenat blook can be trapped throughout our body impacting our health.

How does it work?

The body is first prepped with massage and warming with wooden sticks (Gua Sha) to stimulate blood flow and warm the muscles.  Then, suction cups are applied in strategic areas for 6-7 minutes to bring up the toxins and stagnant blood to the surface of the skin.  The suction cups are then removed, the skin is sterilised before small incisions or pricks are made to break the surface of the skin.  Suction cups are reapplied to bring out the toxic blood.  Beeds of blood will begin oozing out of the small incisions.

A full body treatment can consist of up to 20 cups including one on the crown of the head.  Each of these cups corresponds to a particular vital organ where stagnant blood can collect.


This therapy can be performed as a full body treatment (up to 45 minutes in duration) or applied to specific muscle or joint areas.


Does it hurt?

If you’re scared of needles, then this might not be for you.  The small incisions feel like pin pricks but if you can handle this, the whole experience is incredibly relaxing.  As you are lying face down, you will never see your own blood which can cause some people to be very uncomfortable.  Many of my clients will ask me to film and photograph their treatment to post on their social media channels– it is indeed a ‘cool’ and unique experience for posting on your social media.

What are the benefits of Hijama?

Firstly, your body is being detoxed by removing stagnant toxic blood, which can be a very dark colour due to all the oxygen being used up  and filled with toxic and biochemical waste.  Your vital organs begin the process of healing and normal functioning, muscle and joint pain is removed, your nervous system returns to a calm state, and many have reported improved sleep and reduced anxiety.  It is also important to maintain your body’s health with diet and exercicise and this will determine how well your body reacts to the healing as a result of this treatment.

Any After Effects?

You will have dark circles around the skin   where the suction cups were placed.  This is the result of some skin bruising which will disappear in 5-10 days depending on how your skin reacts.  You will  also feel very  light so it is encouraged to take a glass of water with some electrolytes or honey after treatment.

It is important not to do the following up to 24 hours after treatement as the body heals and replenishes new blood and nutrients into the body:

  1. no red meat, 
  2. no fizzy drinks,
  3. avoid fried foods,
  4. no dairy products,
  5. no excercise. 

Shower only with warm water– no soaps. 

After 24 hours, you can resume your normal healthy routine.

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