Muscle Activation & Cellular Energy Therapy


Our body is a battery cell and requires charge and voltage for normal cell functioning.  However, age, illness or injury can drop this cell voltage and create physical, chronic pain symptoms.  We can restore this cellular energy naturally through guiding an electromagnetic energy field from a practitioner’s hands into a client’s affected area to restore energy at a cellular level.

Effective For:

How does it work?

During this innovative treatment, Electrons Plus™, a natural magnetic energy field is channeled through the therapists’ hands and guided into your body to promote your natural healing process. Combined with bespoke massage techniques, this ‘supercharged’ energy massage has left clients reportedly feeling lighter, calmer with having improved mental clarity, an improvement in sleep quality, and a noticeable reduction in muscle aches and pains. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation, and energising recharge, or simply treating aches and pains, this ADD-ON treatment provides a unique and effective therapy experience. Electrons Plus™/E+ Therapy™ is a US-patented technology in massage therapy that has been adopted across the US and internationally, used by professional sports teams, clinicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and holistic therapists.  

Who's it for?

This treatment is especially suited for musculoskeletal issues, trauma from injury, pain management, including various types of neuralgia (nerve irritation).

This can be also tailored into a bespoke clinical treatment for complex soft tissue, joint and musculoskeletal dysfunction. A natural magnetic energy field of electrons is channelled through the therapists’ hands and guided into your body to promote its natural healing process and accelerate recovery through improved micro-circulation, neuromuscular activation, and cellular repair in the affected area. Combined with advanced manual therapy techniques including traditional massage, soft tissue release and neuromuscular soft tissue mobilizations, this unique clinical therapy treatment is geared towards the client who is going through chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction or soft tissue trauma looking for pain relief and rehabilitation.

Is it safe?

The earth has a natural electromagnetic field called the Schumann resonance (7.83 Hz electromagnetic frequency) which is vital to all living cells on earth.  The energy you will experience is natural, it is not electricity, and negatively charged electrons enter your cells to jump-start cellular voltage.  Cells require a minimum voltage charge of about -50mv  to function and produce new cells (ref: Dr. Jerry Tennant “Healing is Voltage“).  Have you ever wondered why you feel so calm and relaxed in nature or at the beach.  These are negative ions that are present which promotes a calm nervous system allowing your body to heal again.  The energy flows between practitioner and client, so this treatment is also beneficial to the practitioner who gets a nice energy charge in the process.

What are the side effects?

Increased cellular voltage and impact on the nervous system is positive.  You will move from a stressful sympathetic state  back into a parasympathetic healing state.  Your body will feel light, calm, and in many cases, you may feel light.  Increased microcirculation as a result will drop your blood pressure slightly (in the same way as a typical massage does).  You may feel slightly nauseous or light-headed but this will pass in minutes.  You may even undergo a Herxheimer effect or ‘healing crisis’ which is the body’s way of detoxifying and hence you may feel slightly more of the pain you’ve been feeling, but this will only be a couple of days as the body rebalances itself in the healing process.  Many clients have reported improved quality sleep as a result of the treatment

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