Having taken my blogging to video format, my Facebook followers suggested I release this 3-part video blog series to a wider audience…

I wrote a blog recently about Life Leadership Principle #4: Invest in Yourself. So, ‘walking the talk’, I decided to film my most profound learnings and release it free to the world from a 3 day entrepreneur leadership seminar I invested in Vienna, Austria a couple of weeks ago.  My mentor of the past 8 months, Eric Worre said to all of us at the start of the seminar: ‘You can credit me once…but you own it from then on…so go teach it’.  Eric is a legend in the entrepreneurial home-based business/network marketing profession and a visionary leader who produced and starred in the business documentary video that I’m making available to you– see instructions at the bottom.

So I’m now passing my investment in learning to you…FOR FREE. In the last of my 3-part video blog series, I took the most profound 3 key learnings I got from each day and cut a short video for you. Byte-size tips for the entrepreneur…on the go!

Who’s talking about your business, or how many conversations are you initiating?– great quote about what business is about.  I’ll share what I saw in a 4,000 seater conference center about the power of a united community and network behind a shared cause; and it’s healthy to do good on the way to success as it keeps the big picture in focus.

Here’s Final Day Three key 3 takeaways:

1.  Business is About Conversations

2.  The power of network leverage in a united community

3.  Take time out to do good on your entrepreneurial journey

Million-Dollar Mindset (Part 3/3) Day Three 3 Key Points from Ian Billingham on Vimeo.

Entrepreneurship, though it sounds sexy and trendy, is not for everyone.  But many around the world are opting this route as the old ways of earning a living just aren’t good enough.  If you’re wondering why more and more people around the world have packed up their cubicles and ventured into the entrepreneurial world like I did, you’ll need to CLICK HERE for my **FREE VIDEO** offer that explains what’s actually going on in the world today. WARNING: DO NOT GET IT if you don’t have any dreams of your own, and prefer to opt for a pay-check to build someone else’s….

Hope you found value in my new video blog format. Feel free to drop me a comment below to say what you liked best, or what you’d like to see in the future?

‘Climb your mountain…see what’s on the other side’

Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur