Vision sustains you

There’s always something more we want when we attain and satisfy the reasons why we start things in the first place.  The reasons or ‘WHYs’ behind the things we do definitely gets us started into action, and keeps us motivated.  It’s the ignition spark that revs up our engine.  WHYs eventually lose steam and relevancy after time, or when we believe we have hit that goal.  This is because when WHYs relate to material things, the reasons to continue are no longer there.  There’s always going to be a desire for more, and a resulting dissatisfaction that leaves you ‘hanging’.  Vision however, manifests itself in your mind as a future state of who you desire to become.  Vision serves as a ‘tractor beam’ that pulls you into something that is greater than the circumstances surrounding who you are today.  Vision requires you to transform into that person bigger than who you are currently.  Small secret: even to attain your short term WHYs, you also need to change who you are, in order to change the circumstances around you….you still need a vision.

‘The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want.  The greatest benefit is what you’ll have to become in order to get what you want’Eric Worre

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‘Climb that mountain…see what’s on the other side’

Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur