‘You sound like a used-car salesman’.  Ever heard of that label when someone’s trying to sell you something you don’t need or want? Most people are put off by the idea of sales, as they all have an old image of what that means….and it’s not a good one.  Companies are renaming their old ‘sales’ functions with ‘Business Development’ to better lure future employees. There are 2 root causes behind this ‘allergic’ reaction to the ‘sales’ word.  If you ever hope for massive success in life, you’ll need to understand this, change your bias and embrace it.

Entrepreneurship in the Information Age is likely going to be your best, most secure option than relying on being an employee for the rest of your life.  Click HERE to opt for my ** FREE MOVIE** that explains why.  But you’ll need to overcome any hang-ups on ‘sales’ to continue.

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Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur