…And how it’s a bone of contention between the employer-employee performance relationship

Are you tired of knowing your strengths and abilities, yet being reminded you’re missing the mark?  This is for everyone who has ever or still going through the dreaded annual performance appraisal or review with your boss.  It’s the time of year when your up-coming year’s earnings potential is determined…and in the bigger context, where your future may be heading in the corporate world.  I have been on both sides of the performance review: the boss, and the employee.  But I’ve also been fortunate to be in senior management to see it from the company perspective with sophisticated organisational development and engagement programs and processes.  Here’s the news: there’s a huge gap between how a company views the employee performance review, and the employee’s perspective.  It’s not the process and necessary organisational development plan that is in question. No.  The thing is this.  There is a growing rift between employer and employee regarding the ‘trade’: the life an employee is trading in for their job…and what the employer is giving in return. Two organisation development approaches: leverage individual strengths for enhanced performance; or develop the improvement areas.

Here’s a relationship analogy: do you give each other tasks and it’s all go-go-go and then create an action plan on addressing each other’s personality or weight or skin problem? or do you appreciate what each of you bring to the relationship and enhance those while accepting and working through the imperfections?  This is all about engaging the relationship: employer and employee.  Problem is: one pays for the other’s time.  Check out this episode below.

Companies want to develop outstanding employees to leverage across other areas of the organisation; employees want to excercise their passion in the job and gain an appreciation of their strengths and contributing value.  The performance review/appraisal can either add to an employee’s workload with development plans in special projects and making him/her constantly feel like a ‘glass half empty’ all the time; or it can be better tailored to leveraging and celebrating strengths and contribution, improving employee engagement.  It will ultimately be driven by the organisational and performance culture of the company top-down: one of growth and community belonging, celebrating success; or a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world of survival of the fittest.  Case in point: the bruising Amazon workplace (New York Times article).

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Hope you enjoyed this episode.  Love to head your thoughts below or share with someone you know who may be going through a similar situation.

‘Climb your mountain…see what’s on the other side;’

Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur