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…and why Entrepreneurs and Investors Love business networks

‘The richest people in the world look for and build networks; everyone else looks for work’ – Robert Kiyosaki

Tweet: 'The rich look to build networks; everyone else just looks for work' @theRealKiyosaki quote @ian8billingham

I break down Robert Kiyosaki’s quote, where it came from, and what I believe it means.  The trick behind this quote is how an individual generates revenue, creates wealth, independent of one’s time.  In fact, the most successful businesses in the world operate on everyone else’s time, not the owners.  As long as a business is built on a product that creates interest and value for a sustainable period in the marketpalce; operates on a proven and duplicatable system in order to expand and grow; creating a business that thrives on network reach is what all the most successful and richest people look for.  And investors love redirecting their capital to these businesses.  And for everyone else?  Well, more jobs are created (maybe?), people are happy to trade their time in for a pay-check….and build someone else’s dream.

A network provides unbelievable business leverage.  For the entrepreneur and business owner, this is the most efficient use of their time (and their money), and why investors love to put their capital into networks that generate revenue independent of the owners time.

Networks traditionally have come in the form of franchises.  However, modern technology allows any individual to build a global business network at lightning speed.  One business model that benefits from the concept of a franchise but without the operating expenses, heavy financial up-front investment, and headaches of running a franchise, is available to anyone. Starting with very low start-up costs, virtually minimal running expenses, anyone can follow and learn a proven blueprint and system (just like a franchise) to build up a home business that can eventually generate revenue for you passively and independent of your time.

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