Employer Employee - Minimum Thinking In Today’s speed steroid thinking, it doesn’t work that way…nor has it EVER

‘I want it quick…and I want it NOW!’  Our society is today wired on speed; getting instant results with the click of a mouse. The idea of instant gratification.  The notion that if I JUST do this, putting in a minimum amount of time and effort, I can get a huge reward.  The majority of society today is no longer satisfied with an equal ‘give and take’ system.  The system is rigged against their favor.  And the system for the majority, is how we earn a living…through a job.

The unfortunate reality of jobs today is that we are no longer prepared to put in the extra effort, to go that extra mile to create something truly big in our lives…let alone for the company that employs us.  I believe this stems from the imbalance of the trade the majority of us are making in putting literally our soul and time into working for an unfulfilling pay-check. We are working harder than ever.  Company demands on us are higher than ever.  And inside all of us, is now the desire to ‘draw the line’.  Our ‘inner scream’ pressure cooker begging to explode ‘NO MORE’.!  We are GIVING too much, and our employer is TAKING too much from us.  The psychological fence is now up: born out of frustration and injustice.  The birth of the disease of ‘minimum thinking’ has created a psychological ‘stand off’, a tension between the employer and the employee.  This thinking and mentality has spilled over into 4 mainstream consequences I’m seeing as a result of the massive change in the traditional expectations of a career job.  The individual is also taking this work-conditioned thinking into a futile attempt to improve the situation in many other aspects of their lives, only to find that they can’t make the shift or worse, gamble on risky measures that end up in dire consequences.  We are attempting to take the short cut to our dreams as a result of job frustration…but we’re looking at life with the same attitude that’s behind the job we hate yet feel we can’t leave.

Les Brown encapsulated this tension between employer and employee relationship today best in his interview on the business movie which you can receive for free below.  At its core, is the root cause of the idea of believing one can get away with minimum effort and that miracles really do happen:

‘Going on a job where you work just hard enough to keep them from firing you…and they pay you just enough to keep you from quitting’ – Les Brown

Key references from this episode:

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If you liked the quote from Les Brown, you can watch his interview in this business movie documentary by CLICKING HERE, and I’ll offer this ** FREE MOVIE ** to you.  It also reveals what’s happening in the world today around our traditional beliefs of earning a living…and what options we have when it comes to going it alone, becoming an entrepreneur, being arguably the more secure way of controlling your future.

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