…As we enter a golden age of being an entrepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone.  It may be quite some time before you can pay yourself…assuming your business idea is successful.  You have left your security of a pay-check behind.  No-one pushes you, but YOU.  And hence the huge emphasis of getting your mindset in line with actioning your business idea.  

While modern technology provides us with tremendous resources to put a business idea together and get it out to the world in the blink of an eye, becoming an entrepreneur has never been so available to so many people, willing to forego a steady pay-check and go solo.  We are truly entering a golden age of entrepreneurship.  With all the glamour and sexiness of being your own boss, controlling your own time and hitting life hard, the mystique of entrepreneurship has created a misguided notion that people who go on this path are only making a hardship sacrifice for just a few years believing that they will be ‘set’ for the rest of their lives.  While most people live in the perceived comfort of a steady salary or pay-check, entrepreneurship is starting to be viewed as a fast-track way to freedom, albeit with short-term pain.  This is far from the truth.  And in this episode, I’ll explain why and debunk this famous but misleading quote.

Going the path of becoming an entrepreneur is about your passion and what you believe in.  The desire to become the person you wish to be.  There is no such thing as an ‘exit strategy’ at the start-up phase.  While resources are at our disposal in getting ideas to the world with technology, a short-term view normally leads to short-term failure.

Becoming an entrepreneur is arguably the more secure way to earn a living these days when compared to our beliefs in a traditional job or salary.  For the potential business owner, there are basically 4 options to select from.  If you’re one of these individuals contemplating the solo route, CLICK HERE for my ** FREE MOVIE ** about what’s happening in our workplace, and the options available to us today to become entrepreneurs, the more secure route versus an insecure job.

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‘Climb your mountain…see what’s on the other side’

Ian Billingham - Life Leadership Entrepreneur